It’s a pattern at this point. The latest is the fun sock hater (who has a predecessor). There has also been the man who resented the fact that he was dating the real-life Ms. Frizzle, man who wanted to contain the creativity of his witchy GF, and the man who doesn’t like his literal Greek Goddess of a girlfriend.

Those are just the ones I remember, not to mention have encountered. The comments of those posts are full of women who’ve been similarly wet-blanketed by male partners. I know several not-on-Reddit examples myself.

This is officially A Thing.

The Fashion…

According to More Than Two*, a veto is

A relationship agreement, most common in prescriptive primary/secondary relationships, which gives one person the power to end another person’s additional relationships, or in some cases to disallow some specific activity, such as some specific sexual or «BDSM»-related activity.

While some use “veto power” to mean “when I call veto, we need to check in and discuss your other relationship(s),” I’m using “veto” to mean “when I call veto, you must immediately and fully end your other relationship(s).”

Veto power is fairly common among non-monogamists. It’s also incredibly controversial among non-monogamists. In my…

from the James Damore lawsuit: The Plaintiff hereby requests permission and full access to return to the Google campus — located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, California — to discuss the subject material contained within his memo and engage with current female and minority employees in logical debates pertaining to it and related topics.

Zigazig, ah

[Content Notice: Discussion of sex and drugs, mentions of sexual assault and abortion]

Dear OkCupid,

I have a confession to make. Back when we first met, at the beginning of our 12-year relationship, I wasn’t quite 18 yet.

In my defense, I had only made an account to save my test results. You see, I was an online quiz-taking fiend and wanted to see my results in a pleasing list. Made me feel weirdly accomplished, shut-in nerdy weirdo that I was — and still am, minus the shut-in part.

You do remember the quizzes, right? They’re what drew a lot…

[ETA 12/31/2015: How could I have forgotten to include mentions of Ms. Marvel and Bitch Planet? Well, it’s not that they aren’t awesome and important and enjoyable. Hardly. I’m getting a tattoo or two based on them. It’s more that, because I subscribe to them on a weekly basis via Comixology rather than read them on a volume-by-volume as I do with Saga, I forget that they count as books I’ve read, too. I also neglected to include Madalyn Murray O’Hair because her work was the last book I finished for 2015. I’ve also added an image in the hopes…

Being the Only Woman in the Ex-Muslim Chatroom

I have built a fledgling (perhaps fetal, if I'm being generous) writing career around it. I promote and am a part of organizations about it. I openly talk about it and identify with it. I am an ex-Muslim atheist, loud and proud, unashamed and out, and have been since 2006. And yet, despite my shamelessness, I mentally buried a significant part of my early history with being an apostate of Islam. The very first time I joined a group for apostates of Islam, I defected after just two group chat sessions.

Indeed, the memory might have stayed buried…

Eli Heina Dadabhoy

[ee-lie hee-na dad-uh-boy] Blogger, cat foster, and all-around Person Who Says Stuff.

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